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Experience the true authentic Classic Tantric Massage in London, a secret tantra method passed down through many generations. My Classic Tantric is a relaxing sensual massage that culminates in a burst of energy, followed by exquisite relief of the body and mind.
My Tantric body to body massage -- known as the B2B includes the following :       

                 -naturist sessions (we will be on the same energy level at all times)
                 -nice, clean, safe location - with shower facilities available
                 -mutual touching (you are allowed to caress my body)
                 -you can try your massage skills on me if you wish ( only in sessions longer than 90 minutes)-lots of body  contact, there the Body to Body type of massage...where I use my entire body to massage, -entice and caress your body - Yes, I use my breasts also...especially on your front.



30 min Treatment- 80£

1h Treatment- 120£

90 min Treatmeant- 180£

2h Treatment- 240£

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